Competent maintenance is one of the keys to maximizing your investment. When maintenance or repairs are necessary our goal is to provide prompt, quality service at a reasonable price. Our reputable maintenance technicians offer the optimal mix of quality work, low prices, and excellent service. With the leverage and experience we have with our technicians you can be assured that you will receive maximum value for your maintenance dollar.

We feel that unnecessary repair expenses can often be diminished or eliminated by implementing corrective action when a problem is found to exist. All tenants are issued a handbook that contains helpful information concerning maintenance issues in hopes of minimizing larger problems. In cases where repairs are needed, estimates are obtained and presented for owner’s approval on all repairs in excess of $250. Here are some other procedures PalmOasis Management Inc. has in place to keep costs under control:

  • All repairmen are instructed to document directly on their bills if any repair is caused by tenant negligence or abuse, so that tenants may be held responsible for needless damage
  • All tenants are provided with our after hours number so that in the event of an emergency they may reach a live person 24-hours a day, seven days a week
  • Numerous maintenance issues are detailed in the tenant handbook in hopes of avoiding a repair in the first place
  • Most repairs are done “in house” by professionals who are familiar with your property
  • Property walks and inspections are performed regularly
  • Constant supervision, inspections, and regularly scheduled maintenance combine to keep major repairs to a minimum
  • We are maintenance experts-we know houses, the problems that occur, what repairs should cost, and how to get them done

Further inspections are conducted at no additional cost when the property is vacant or when preparing the property for occupancy. These include but are not limited to:

  • When PalmOasis takes over management
  • When tenants move in and out
  • Weekly inspections when the property is left vacant

In addition, we maintain a systematic follow-up procedure to make sure work is done in a timely and satisfactory manner. This provides better relations with your tenants and helps to keep them in your property longer.

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